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Welcome to Totally Wicked York by Choice Select. Stocking a wide range of products including e-cig kits, e-liquids, and disposables, this is your one-stop shop for vaping supplies. Whether you’re looking to make the switch from tobacco for the first time, or if you’re used to more advanced e-cigarettes, we have a large range of products that you can try, making sure you find the right device.

Contact Name:
Victoria Cain

Email:  [email protected]

30 Coppergate,


Landline:  01904 652364

Who Are We?

Totally Wicked York by Choice Select is a dedicated reseller for Totally Wicked. We sell the highest quality products to help smokers quit cigarettes and remain Smoke-free.

Our Top Sellers
We stock a wide range of Totally Wicked products, including Red Label e-liquid, an e-cig kit for every type of vape and disposables such as Elf Bars.

We also stock a range of accessories such as batteries, atomizers and tanks.

Service & Repairs
Are you having issues with your vaping kit? Drop into the shop, we will be happy to help. All of our Totally Wicked e-cigarette kits come with a 6 month warranty

What Do We Do?

Totally Wicked York is dedicated to helping people quit smoking. We provided specialised one to one support for anybody wanting to quit cigarettes. We are also here for existing vapers to help you remain smoke-free with high quality products and advice.

This includes providing a wide selection of suitable devices, e-liquids, and disposables for all types of vapers.

Special Offers

As an All1network member, we are offering you a 10% discount on all products in-store.