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Achieve the success you deserve by keeping pace with your business as it grows and transforms

Contact Name: Sean Ellis

Email: [email protected]

Address: 279 Burton Stone Lane, York, YO30 6EY

Business Open Hours: 7am to 8pm by appointment


Mobile:  07799362694

Who we are:

Sean Ellis is a Business Developmentalist: a developmental business, leadership, and executive coach who specialises in Next Level coaching to create the greatest amount of consistent performance improvement in his clients in the shortest possible time.

Ethics are integral to his approach which includes processes to ensure that he’s capable of creating this improvement for his clients.

As a member of The Institute for Adult Development, he is a champion of coaching excellence who’s passionate about delivering superlative results.

He believes that the ultimate goal of sustainability in all its guises is the perpetuation of life as a system, and that our thinking must evolve to solve life’s most complex and imminent existential challenges.  His mission is to develop leaders for life.

What we do

Sean works with business leaders who require some personal growth because their business is in transition and they need to keep pace.

He offers awareness-raising thinking style assessments (Identity Compass), 1:1 and group coaching, and leadership development programmes.

Business leaders typically turn to Sean when:

  • – They are feeling uncertainty, suffering from stress, or ‘imposter syndrome’
  • – Unhealthy conflict in the leadership team(s) in causing problems
  • – They are fearful of making the wrong decisions, or want to improve decision making
  • – They feel a need to improve their performance
  • – They want to improve the quality of their life
  • – They want the best outcome from an upcoming funding round, or growth initiative
  • – They want more control of finances, or are struggling to manage the tension between growth and finances
  • – Operational quality is an issue