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We are RO Pictures – with over 10 years of video and film production as well as data-driven digital marketing experience, we are uniquely skilled to not only deliver high-end digital video for your business but in addition show you how to use it for the highest ROI possible.

Contact Name: Cal O’Connell – Creative Director / Julia Munder – Marketing Director/CEO

Email: [email protected]
Address: 41 Miller Road, York. YO30 6QH

Business Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm


Mobile: 07712253049 (Cal) 07568314233 (Julia)

Landline: 01904 349 315

Who Are We
RO Pictures is an award-winning video production company with outstanding marketing expertise. Run by York-based Julia Munder and Callum O’Connell, RO Pictures marries video production with data analysis and marketing strategy. Cal is an award-winning film producer and director and Julia is a marketing expert quoted by the likes of Marketing Week, NatWest and Econsultancy.

What we do
With more than 10 years of experience, our team has been part of amazing projects ranging from small-scale marketing promotional videos to feature film production and everything in between.

Consulting with our clients, we take (or create!) ideas and brands forward, working with businesses every step of the way to carefully craft content that is rich, engaging, and most importantly, offers as much ROI as possible.

Whether you are promoting an event, product, or business, or perhaps you are looking for music video, short, or film production, RO Pictures has the team that can make your project not only happen but also succeed!