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Based in the historic city of York, Jorvik Motor Leasing Ltd guarantees to provide you with a personal, professional and prompt service.

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Julian Graham

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We are not just a website that gives you quotes – we know that the personal touch matters and that the people you deal with are an important part of helping you make the right decision when choosing your next vehicle.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the motor trade, we understand how to interpret your needs and find the vehicle most suited to you at the best possible price.

We take pride in offering an on-going service to our clients. We are here when you need us: from the moment you contact us, throughout the leasing process and long after you have taken delivery of your vehicle.

Whether you need your vehicle for business or personal use, we can offer leasing products that suit your requirements.

Contract Hire
Contract Hire can run from 24 to 60 months and gives businesses a fixed monthly cost for the duration of the vehicle lease.
You have a choice of a maintained contract (full repair & maintenance, tyre replacement and breakdown cover) or a non-maintained contract, Either way, the Road fund Licence is included in the whole term.
At the end of your contract, you pick up your new vehicle and hand back your old one without any of the usual worries of disposing of it or the risk of losing money on its used value.
VAT registered businesses can re-claim 50% of the VAT on the rental cost of passenger cars and 100% of the VAT on commercial vehicles, 100% of the VAT on the service and maintenance element can also be reclaimed.
Running your vehicles, off balance sheet, this way helps with cash flow as capital is not tied up in depreciating assets and rental costs are offset against profits.

Personal Contract Hire
Personal Contract Hire works along the same lines as Contract Hire but is for private individuals so VAT cannot be reclaimed.
It can be done in the same way as Contract Hire, either maintained or non-maintained – the choice is yours.
By leasing a vehicle this way, you have the benefit of low, fixed monthly payments and no disposal issues at the end of the term. You simply hand back your old vehicle and start again with a brand new one of your choice!

Finance Lease/Flexible Lease
We offer Finance Leases to VAT registered businesses. your business leases the vehicle and then pays an effective rental rather than a repayment. This monthly rental is calculated from the vehicle cost, length of the lease and the residual value (i.e.. the future value of the vehicle at the end of the term).
During the lease, you have full use of the vehicle although the vehicle is not owned by you unless you pay its residual value at the end of the term. Up to 50% of the VAT payments on passenger cars and 100% of the VAT on commercial vehicles can be reclaimed and the vehicle can sit on your balance sheet as an asset.
This is a fantastic way of running commercial vehicles if you are concerned of mileage parameters or return conditions.

Please visit our website for all our latest offers, or give Julian a call on 07808 845107 to discuss your requirements.

We believe that the best form of advertising & marketing is word of mouth and we pay £100 for any business referred that results in a lease, or we will contribute £100 toward your first rental first hand!