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CLG provides the tools and connections required to turn crisis to thriving bringing transformation to lives for the better

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Shona Ann Hill
Mark Burn

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21 Sim Balk Lane
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Who We Are

Conscious Living Global is a Global Enterprise. We connect and guide all who are ready to follow purpose. We have no agenda but to help all lead the happiest and most fulfilling lives

What We Do

Conscious Living Global is a space that assists to turn any challenge into a space of thriving through many different mediums …

Our business is the welfare and well-being of the humanity whole without agenda. We provide the tools and connections required to assist through any crisis, giving an individual room to be creative from the heart and create magic in their world from any situation.

Through our digital and in person enterprise we provide the support and guidance required to come purposefully from the heart and create a powerful life for self and others around you through it … We help people to recognise life happens for you rather than to you and anything you desire can be a part of your life experience no matter how big or small it may be.

Our website is currently under construction but once it is live it will be providing coaching, fire walking, health options and tools to aid personal growth and transformation, and the spaces in which an enterprise can begin to thrive with purpose.